Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work in Progress!!

Hello & thanks for visiting my BLOG.

Originally established in March 2007 as .elle-SHARP PR & Planning as an independent, women-owned and operated company serves as a “start-to-finish” Consultant to suit her client’s needs. Although the name has changed, business is still the same.

Right now, I'm busy. Busy with thoughts, plans & ideas, all scrambled around this head-o-mine. Its a jungle up there! (LOL) I'm reflecting on what I achieved in 2007, preparing for the remaining days of 2008 & making room before 2009 (it'll be here before you know it). Time waits for no one. Why "think", when you can "do" (and get it over with)?! Overall, I am greatful for all the lasting connections that I've made. I've met TONS of great people (clients, vendors, business partners, sponsors, friends, BLOGGERS, etc) that have made this a success!

~.elle :o)
**Don't fret! Emails sent to will NOT be neglected.

Out with the old... in with the new! **Yet another site in dire need of attention!** **Site will remain active**

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