Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us! :-)

That's me, my mother & my mother-in-law (LOL). Yep, we were all born on the same day. Isn't that wild?! That's gotta mean something great :-)

Its also a special day for Aunt Eva, Aaron A. & Katrice C. September is just great, all around!

FYI/Reminder: I decided to postpone today's Launch Party, to opt for a "more quiet" gathering with a few relatives & close friends. Too bad its such a gloomy day... *sigh* Let's all hope the sun will decide to show its face SOONER or later *crossing fingers*

1 comment:

Face Mode said...

Oh my.. I am just seeing this! .. How funny but cute..
look at you with the pink and Sandra and Bev..

My mom loves frogs..

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