Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3 (BETTER) Ways to Communicate

Here are just a few ideas to put the 'personal' back into "personal relationships":
  • Telephone vs. Text: for important heart-to-hearts, pick up a phone & discuss. If that's not possible, then make an effort to compare schedules. Sometimes, it helps to have a friendly face to go with the voice.
  • Letter/Note vs. Email: forwarding jokes, chain letters & pictures are fine, every once in awhile, but dropping a note just to say "Thank You" or "Just Thinking of You..." are even better.
  • Going Out vs. [All of the Above]: Instead of relying on the aforementioned ways to communicate, why not "do lunch". Better yet, schedule monthly outings (happy hour, bowling, museum tours, sporting events, window/shopping sprees, karaoke night, bar hop, pot luck, play dates, spa day, etc) to reconnect & see each other IN PERSON.
Admit it; its nice to be thought of & even better to think of others. I know we're in a Recession & all, but... it only takes "time" to show those that you care.

Feel free to share your ideas!

Cherish the day!... *Smooches&Hugs*


faithbmakeup said...

Yeah, me and my girls try to plan ladies nights (we say once a month, but maybe once every two or three months). That can be over someone's house, at a restaurant, with the significant others...we just try to see each other when we can with all our busy schedules.

Face Mode said...

I agree!

Ms. Shaun said...

I tottally love it! Now is definitely the time to get back to the personal things in life. Think about it! When people had no money they did all the things you mentioned.

Great BLOG!

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