Wednesday, January 21, 2009

{Wedding*Belles} Design My Wedding: Wedding Innovator's Challenge


My dear friend Kelley (FaceMode & FaceMode Brides) hipped me to this event. I'm addicted to Whose Wedding is it Anyway? & I'm VERY excited to attend! *glee*

From what I can see, this event is something-like-a-big-deal, so I'm gonna have my face-in-the-place FOR SURE! They'll be brides, other planners, BLOGgers & networking folks all around, ready to see "what's in?" for the bride-to-be.

I can't wait!

I'm also looking forwad to rubbing elbows with (or at least walking past someone whose rubbing her elbow!) Wedding Planner/DC NearlyWeds' BLOGGER Vicky Johnson.

For more information on general admission, team, vendor & sponsor opportunities, click here!

Home link -

Hope to see you there!



Tish @TPTR said...
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Tish @TPTR said...

Hey check out my blog for tomorrow, Thursday, Jan.'ve been tagged.

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