Monday, July 06, 2009

Sound Off!

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you.
For those that haven't met me, here's a little about myself:

I'm an Event Planner/Networking Maven on a quest for success. I'm a constant work-in-progress with new ideas "left & right". I plan events that will leave a lasting impression upon the host(s), as well as their guests. I like to make a personally-professional connection with my client, so that their needs are met & their expectations are exceeded.
I'm located in the DC-metro area (aka DMV bka District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia) & will travel for events (& cupcakes)!
Check out the SPOTTED section for my active articles/social networking sites regularly, to see what's up.
Welp, that's it; me, in a nutshell.... YOUR turn! :-)
Tell me about yourself, your company(ies), hobbies & all that jazz.
Ready? Set. Go!
Note: Your description doesn't have to be all fancy-smancy. I just wanna get a good idea of what my readers have been up to...

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