Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oscar Night: Plan your FAB Menu!

I wasn't aware, until I saw the poster today, that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were hosting this year's Academy Awards.

That's gonna be fun AND funny!

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards (aka "Oscar Night") airs LIVE on ABC Sunday, March 7th 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PT. Click here for details on this and other Oscar Week events.

Planning a viewing party for "Oscar Night"? If so, Easy Leaf Products has a few delicious ideas to try. These are suitable for the less formal/more relaxed/still FAB crowd. Many want to enjoy the show, minus the suit and tie. I'll be posting the recipes during the upcoming weeks leading up to Oscar Night. (Hence the recipe forthcoming remark.)

Consider that your Countdown. (Sorta)

Photo credit: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Check out the Press Release...

Razonia McClellan
RM Public Relations

Easy Leaf Products Edible Gold Adds Glam to Oscar Parties

LOS ANGELES (February 16, 2010) – As movie lovers begin planning their Oscar Night (Sunday, March 7) guest menus, Easy Leaf Products offers a few suggestions to create a star-studded event at home. The same edible gold used since 2006 by Spago’s chefs at the Governor’s Ball Dinner, Easy Leaf Products offers the ultimate decoration for food and beverage with their ORO FINO (edible gold) product line. For more information on products and recipe ideas, please visit their Web site at

First, start the evening off by serving guests a No Ordinary Mimosa (recipe forthcoming) or Martinis with edible gold as they arrive. Next, serve Gilded Caviar (recipe forthcoming) or even store bought Sushi and sprinkle a few edible gold petals on top.

For the main course, serve Aztec Chicken Roulade (recipe forthcoming). This savory dish is topped with edible gold and is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the mouth. For the grand finale give each guest a chocolate truffle filled with champagne and gilded with edible gold by Chocolatique called Bubbly (retail: $35 for 15 pc / available at or simply shake edible gold sprinkles on your favorite dessert recipe.

Until a few years ago edible gold and silver were available only to the professionals. Now, with the use of the cleverly designed and packaged shakers and boxes with bamboo tweezers, every culinary devotee can easily and efficiently adorn food and beverage in their own home. Edible gold and silver are available in three forms: leaves, sprinkles and petals. Amazingly, the products are quite affordable with prices ranging from $23.00 (100 mg shaker garnishes 25 drinks or desserts) to $120.00 (1 gram shaker garnished 125 drinks or desserts).

Easy Leaf Product’s uniquely packaged line of ORO FINO (23 Karat Genuine Edible Gold) and ARGENTO FINO (Pure Edible Silver) are perfect for gilding cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, wedding cakes, pastries, and savory dishes. Products are available for purchase on Easy Leaf Products e-commerce Web site ( and through a variety of retailers across the nation such as Dean & DeLuca; Fancy Flours (; Great News Cooks in San Diego; Neiman Marcus catalog and e-commerce site (; Surfas in Culver City; and Sur La Table stores, catalog and e-commerce site ( Easy Leaf Products, a division of Neuberg & Neuberg Importers Group, Inc., is based in Los Angeles, CA and is the sole importer and distributor for all ORO FINO and ARGENTO FINO products in North America.

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Let us know if you plan on celebrating Oscar Night!

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