Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oscar Night: Recipes from Hyundai

Tonight's the night!

Its less than 11 hours to go (per the official Oscar Countdown) before showtime. Are you ready?

(I am!)

But. Just in case you're not, fret no more. Well, Hyndai (along with Serious Eats and Bakerella) has quite a few delish items to add to your last-minute "Oscar Party" menu. They've got everything from rough and rugged Inglorious Custards (totally guy-friendly!) to family-friendly UPcakes (how cute is that?!).

Check it out:

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In case you've missed it, check out our recent posts in the 'Oscar Night' blog series. Whether you're hanging out with your friends, getting acquainted with neighbors, chillin out with family, laying low with your better half or flying solo, we've got recipes to suit your needs and satisfy your pallet.

The 2010 Academy Awards airs today. Check your local listings for details.

Enjoy the show!


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