Monday, May 24, 2010

Coming Soon to Penn Quarter: Merzi

FYI/BTW: The food revolution starts this summer.

Check it out...

Contact: Danielle Piacente
Linda Roth Associates, Inc.

Fast casual concept serves new take on classic Indian dishes

Washington, DC [May 2010] Merzi will begin serving a new take on quick, healthy, flavorful Indian cuisine early this summer. The “food revolution” starts at Merzi’s debut location in Penn Quarter at 415 7th Street, NW.

Merzi, which means “choice,” offers new interpretations of classic Indian flavors in a contemporary setting, includes its signature, Tandisserie™ Chicken – Tandoori-seasoned chicken cooked rotisserie style.

Born in England, Merzi founder and CEO, Qaiser (Kaz) Kazmi, has lived in the United States since 1997. He chose to leave a career in optical network technology to pursue his culinary vision. Kaz spent over a year working with chefs to fine-tune recipes that feature high-quality ingredients spiced to perfection, bringing customers delicious food at a great value.

Orders at Merzi are built from either a soft, oven-baked Naan Roll, filled with a choice of meat and vegetables; a Rice Bowl with long-grain fragrant Basmati rice; Salad with crisp Romaine lettuce, or Chaat, an aromatic blend of onions, peppers, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chickpeas, topped with a lightly sweetened yogurt sauce and tangy tamarind date chutney. Guests have a choice (thus the name, Merzi) to dine vegetarian or add proteins such as Tandisserie™ Chicken, braised shredded slow-cooked beef, marinated grilled lamb, or juicy grilled shrimp to their meal.

Sauces and extras are offered to enhance dishes. Warm sauces include Hot Tomato Masala, a rich blend of fiery chilies and traditional Indian spices combined with herbs; Medium Tikka Masala, delectable herbs and spices cooked in a creamy sauce; and Mild Makanni, commonly known as butter chicken, with a complex mixture of spices, herbs, and yogurt. Cold sauces include Herb Mint, Serrano chilies chopped and mixed with fresh herbs, mint and seasonings; Chile Spice, red chilies crushed and combined with fresh herbs and tomatoes; and Imli, an addictively sweet and tangy chutney made of pulped tamarind and dates, infused with select seasonings. Side dishes include sweet corn in a cup, samosas, and naan.

Unique beverages offered include the Mango Yogurt Juice, a refreshing, slightly sweetened drink made of mangoes, whole milk, and probiotic yogurt; and Faloodalicious Drink, a distinctive mix of nuts, raisins, and jello in a low-fat milkshake.

Merzi will seat 49 and will be open from 11:00am – 10:00pm daily. Kaz and his partners plan to expand the concept to multiple locations in the greater DC metropolitan area over the next few years.


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