Monday, August 30, 2010

Dentyne Pure with Neutrafresh

Practice Safe Breath. -Dentyne Pure™.

Pretty impressive slogan, I thought. Very catchy...and SO necessary.

Source: Dentyne
As a HUGE chewing gum fan, I was anxious to receive my samples. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Dentyne Pure™ with Neutrafresh™ offers two mint-y flavor options: Melon and Herbal accents.

Melon Accents

Typically, I tend to go for anything spearmint. As much as I love sweets, I'm not very big on fruity flavors. Those are usually the ones that get stale the fastest and I end up chewing way more and not being left with much.

Well, not this time! Melon Accents offers a minty, yet fruity burst of flavor. (Sounds strange, I know.) It's different and a pleasant surprise.

My ideal "Chew Time":
  • Before meals. Sometimes, I like a little something sweet before mealtime...yeah, I know.
  • Just because. Chewing gum relaxes me.
Herbal Accents
This particular flavor actually cleared my nasal passages! It's a tasty answer to a medicated nasal vapor ointment. I swear, I've never had anything like it. Strong, but not overpowering.

My ideal "Chew Time":

  • After meals
  • Between brushes
  • Before a goodnight kiss ;-)
I can't say I have a favorite flavor, because they both did their jobs: kept my breath fresh between brushes

  • Great tasting.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Slim pack. Fits snug into your back pocket or small handbag.
  • Doesn't promote hunger. For some reason chewing gum makes me snack more during the day. (maybe that's just ME...)
  • Accents. You'll taste them way before you see them! There's a little liquid center that helps freshen your breath. Caught me totally off-guard, but I liked it. Not too much, but enough to take notice.
  • I need a bigger pack! :-(   Next time, I won't share.
  • No "pop" power :-(  Not that I should be popping gum ANYWAY, so perhaps this is just the trick to breaking such an awful 25-year habit. Wait! Am I telling my age? *shrug*
Dear Calorie Counters: Click here for nutrition facts. Dentyne Pure™ with Neutrafresh™ is good and kinda good for you.

Kicks and giggles: Check out the funny video that Dentyne™ worked on with Rhett & Link. This video reached nearly 1 million views -- in just two weeks!

From our friends over at:
Paine PR
New York, NY
*provided samples and press release


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