Saturday, October 02, 2010

AIDS Walk Washington 2010

Source: AIDS Walk Washington 2010
 ONE in 20 adults in DC has HIV.

I'm participating in the 24th Annual AIDS Walk Washington to support Whitman-Walker Clinic today. This year's Grand Marshal is none other than Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince bka Lynda Carter aka my favorite DC Comics comic book superhero). I'm excited. I hope I get to meet her, so we can compare bracelets.

The cause doesn't stop after the walk is over. The fight WILL continue. There's even a Facebook Group. Feel free to join for more information.

I decided to join a corporate team this year. This will be my first time actually walking (I normally just collect donations), so I'm also happy about that. I'm glad a few of my friends are participating again this year. If time allows, we'll be meeting up for Lunch/discussion at a nearby restaurant.

Source: Cobalt
Cobalt-Level One Restaurant is hosting the Official AIDS Walk Brunch, donating a portion of the proceeds BACK to AIDS Walk Washington 2010! Check out their menu. Yum!
Of course, I'll provide pics and commentary. Afterwards, I'm going home for a peppermint steam soak and 8-hour nap.


Whitman-Walker Clinic
1701 14th Street, NW
(Logan Circle: 14th and R Streets)
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202-745-7000


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