Monday, November 23, 2009

Bright Ideas: 12 Practical Holiday Gifts (2008 BLOG Redux)

(...& yes, I'm already finished my shopping. So long, suckers!)

'tis the season to wreck your brain about holiday shopping...


Keep it simple & practical. After all, our Economy so totally sucks right now & most can't afford to go "all out", like usual. I know I can't :-(

Don't fret, my pets. Just because we're in a Recession (or is it a Depression? I forget... LOL), doesn't mean that you have to sham on the holiday presents. Following are just a few cost-effective gifts that I think are great:
  1. Favorite Movie & Soundtrack: You'd be surprised how many people don't have their fav movie on DVD. (idea - Add microwave popcorn, boxed candy & soda/Add tissues, if its a tear-jerker!)

  2. 1-Year Magazine Subscription: I love reading magazines. At my desk, you'd think I work at a newstand, the way I have them all scattered about. My subscriptions include: 'O' The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart Living. With the holidays fastly approaching, some are offering "2-for-1" Savings Vouchers (online & print). Renew your subscription, while giving the other to a friend. They're good for a limited time only, so hurry!

  3. Gift Card with Coupons: Who doesn't like gift cards? Who doesn't love coupons! Some say its impersonal, but I think its nice & makes sense. The person can use the gift card to purchase an item or put towards something "big". (idea - Grocery store, department store)

  4. Handmade Crafts: Get creative! Spend awhile in the arts & crafts store one day. You'd be surprised at the ideas you'd come up with. (idea - This is good, even for you non-crafty types. They have do-it-yourself kits for everything)

  5. Engraved Items: Journal, flask, keychain, frame, ink pen, jewelry, coffee mug, desk clock, cufflinks. (idea - Add new spice to an old item with a personalize message or nameplate)

  6. Scrapbook: Great for kids & adults (idea - For children, include pictures from school, playdates, extra curricular activities, fav TV shows)

  7. Gift Basket (misc): Instead of buying "ready made" ones from the store, you can make your own. (idea - Wanna get romantic? Include a picnic basket w/ finger foods, wine, a blanket & music)

  8. Food/Beverage Recipes: Like Ross from Friends, I enjoy making a meal out of appetizers. Unfortunately, I don't know how to cook everything that I like to eat & don't always feel like searcing for recipes online or calling a friend. Bummer! (idea - Looking for ideas for someone that's new to the kitchen? Include a cookbook with a few ingredients for one of the more simple recipes. +Add a cute apron & set of matching potholders for good measure)

  9. Picture Calendar: Include pictures of special moments of each month. (idea - For new parents, you can detail their pregnancy. Don't forget the funny captions)

  10. Autographed Book(s): For the avid reader that might've missed a book signing. (idea - If time permits, have the author include a nice comment/quote or holiday wish & a photograph)

  11. Charm "Collection" Bracelet: Purchase a charm bracelet & start with ONE charm. Each year, purchase a charm that reflects the current year (idea - each charm can reflect your relationship; past, present & future)

  12. Charitable Donation: Make a contribution, on behalf of the recipient, for a Cause that's held dear to their heart. (idea - Support the charity that's directly involved with the issue that has touched the person's life)
When it comes to good gifts, the options are endless. Remember, its the thought that counts.

I finished my holiday shopping this Summer *gloat*, so... I hope this helps you with yours.

Good luck! :-)

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