Friday, November 20, 2009

Appreciation Day 2009

In the season of Thanksgiving, my company has established November 20th as "Appreciation Day - A Day of Thanks..." It encourages employees to take the time to show gratitude towards each other.
Isn't that nice? (I thought so.)
So make sure you use today to say THANK YOU for something that someone has done for you. Its often a forgotten gesture.
  • Telephone Call: We're just so digital these days. Take the time to call & say "THANK YOU" sometimes.
  • Individual email: (If you're NOT a "phone person"...) Mass emails are OK, but...why not let that person know one-on-one how you feel? I always feel special when I get an email dedicated to ME & not something generic.
  • Hand-written cards/notes: My personal fav. I have plenty of CUTE stationary that I put to good use. Ready-made cards are also fine.
  • House call: (People just don't do this anymore.) Make arrangements to pay them a visit. Some of my best times have started with face-to-face conversations, sitting on the couch/floor & hanging out. Its also a good way to play catch up & SEE how the person is doing, instead of just hearing/reading about it.
  • Homecooked meal: (this might be another one of my favorties, lol) If cooking is not your thing, then make arrangements for a nice breakfast/brunch/lunch/appetizers/dinner/dessert/night cap date. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love dating my friends & fam! Its always so much fun to be had & food to be eaten.
  • Gift baskets: (yet another personal fav!) Personalize it! If you're friend is a fan of tea, you can fill a pretty (or nice, if its for a guy) tea mug with their favorite flavored teas, condiments & accessories (i.e., honey straws, peppermints, cinnamon sticks, etc). Don't forget to attach a little note or poem. That's always a hit.
...and, of course, I wanna THANK YOU for reading my blog! :-)

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