Thursday, October 16, 2008

Embrace vs. Unlearn

Last night, I watched Higher Learning (Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson) on OnDemand. Wow! There was sooo much more to the movie, than black people vs. white people. There were soooo many things that I missed in '95, that just dawned on me yesterday.


The main thing was: Unlearn.

What does that mean, exactly? IDK if there's a fancy/technical definition for it, but... its been heavy on my mind/heart. I guess its just 1 of those things that you can't really answer, you know?
Here are just 2 things that I'd like to Unlearn, before 2008 is over:

1. Embrace the GOOD :-)
  • Make plans & just hope for the best. That's all you can do, really.
  • Focus more on what's gone RIGHT, then what's gone wrong.
  • Being grateful.
2. Unlearn the BAD :-(
  • When something doesn't work out as planned -- get over it! (and move on)
  • Learn the lesson: With every "screw up", there's always a lesson. Always.
  • Changing my approach, when necessary.
I'm kinda "all over the place" with this particular topic (sorry!), but... I knew I wanted to write something about it. Just didn't know where I'd go w/it, until I started typing.

So... What do you need/want to Embrace/Unlearn?
AND, didn't you just love the soundtrack?! *Just had to throw that in there. I heart music. *hee hee*



Shinavia said...

I'd like to...

*Organization in my home
*Life, the more I live, the more I gain good and bad
*Bring balance in my life


*That procrastinating only causes problems, I lose the time to do it when I procrastinate to the point when I can't do it
*That what people think does not define me so be happy with myself
*Taking stress home does not make it go away

MzInspiredMind81 said...

Hi Elle!! I've been reading your blog for a while now! I've moved from MD back to OH and life is going well. I miss the East coast though! :(


that nothing is wrong w/ me ridding my life of situations(i.e. people who don't bring anything good to my life)

understanding that what is priority to me is not always priority to others

organization in my home(that's a good one, shinavia!)


the negativity that I have towards myself. How can I expect others to believe in me, if I don't believe in myself

stop blaming every man for what a man of the past did.

dishing the dirt at times w/ others b/c if they dish it w/ you about someone, they'll dish it w/ someone about you!

.elle denise. said...

I know! Shannon told me... I'm so mad we didn't hang out before you left :( Thanks for continuing to support me, even if you don't live RIGHT up the street from me anymore *sigh* LOL :)

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