Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bridal Party “Survival” Kits

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of Wedding Planning. I think it stems from watching too many episodes of Bridezillas & Whose Wedding is it Anyway? LOL

Currently, I offer the pre-Wedding festivities: Engagement Dinner, Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Shower & Bachelor(ette) parties. If I can do all that, I might as well start to plan the actual WEDDING. It should be fun & a good way to get my creative juices flowing :-)

Anywho, click here for my latest Get Em Girls entry! Review, comment & forward.



MzInspiredMind81 said...

Dang, I wish I was still there. I'd have a wedding that I'd love for you to coordinate(one of my friends)

.elle denise. said...

Is that so?? Hmmmmmmmmm... Road trip! (LOL)

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