Thursday, November 06, 2008

The OpenTable Appetite Stimulus Plan! has done it again!

Check out my latest post on the Get 'em Girls site for details!

Please & thank you!!

I appreciate the strong responses & support that I've received so far. And you never know when I might ask YOU to be my Rate Date <<-- I just made that up, BTW. Hope it wasn't too cheesy. LOL :-)

For those of you NEW to planet Earth & aren't familiar with, let me give you the run-down: Basically, its an "online reservation station" (my words, not theirs) available for most of the major cities within the U.S., Canada & international countries. You accumulate Dining Points (at least 200) per HONORED (which means you actually have to show up ON TIME) reservation. 

Depending on your point status, you can redeem them for Dining Cheques. Some establishments offer Bonus Points (1,000 points) for dining. Oh joy! Its so cool. I use it all the time. (Can you tell?!)

To date, I have about 2,100 points :-)  I'm saving mine up for a "big deal". Yeah, I know. I'm pressed/anxious/hungry. Call me what you'd like, but you can't call me 'pointless'! LOL :-P

Also, you can make multiple reservations at once, receive confirmation, a reminder, rate your favorite places to dine, as well as send an invitation to guests.  You can also search for your favorite type of restaurant (Italian, American, Japanese), as well as special offers & events (Sunday brunch, buffet, large groups, etc). There's also a feature that allows you to make a special request to the Maître d' (perfect for surprises!!)

Whenever someone asks for a recommendation, I always give them something that I found (and tried) on OpenTable.

When you get a chance, seriously, check it out.


*If you've fallen behind on your BLOG-reading, shame on you *tsk tsk*. BUT, don't worry, you can still check out my Archived articles & play catch-up*

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