Monday, April 27, 2009

'social networking' Sites

My poor little BlackBerry probably hates me :-\ I've done so much typing, that I've worn off some of the buttons! I'm CONSTANTLY checking/updating status updates, reading BLOGS/articles, uploading photos, posting comments, promoting events/products, reconnecting with old friends & meeting new business associates.
As soon as I get hip to a new social networking site, I'm asking "is there a BlackBerry app for this!?" & then there's yet another icon on my desktop. Once I've downloaded a BlackBerry app, I rarely use my PC for logging on.
Click here for a detailed list of Wikipedia's social networking sites!
<<<<<------ Check the 'SPOTTED' section for a lineup of associated 'social networking' sites!
Its so great!
BTW: Keep in touch! Look for me online. My name is 'elle denise' :-)


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file sharing said...

For meeting old friends & meeting new business associates social networking sites is really popular these days.

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