Saturday, March 27, 2010

Capital Restaurants: Celebrate Spring & Cherry Blossoms!

Looks like more restaurants are getting with the program...

The Capital Restaurants family:
  • J. Pauls (Georgetown, DC & Inner Harbor, Baltimore)
  • Paolo's Ristorante (Location: Georgetown, DC & Reston, VA | Cuisine: Italian)
  • Old Glory Bar-B-Que (Location: Georgetown, DC | Cuisine: American, BBQ)
  • Georgia Brown's (Location: McPherson Square | Cuisine: Southern, Low-country)
  • Neyla (Location: Georgetown, DC | Cuisine: Mediterranean)
Lucky for us, all reservations can be made via OpenTable!



DC said...

i love that you posted this... i think we were doing a similar piece this week in the midst of our great cherry blossom festival.. i loved your term "staycation" it was great! thanks so much for stopping by as always you are a dear friend to us!
shelley and sarah and all of the DC Ladies

{Ms. P} said...

Hello, dollface(s)-
Cool! I'll be sure to link to you guys this week, so others will know.

If I say "Staycation" long enough, maybe it'll turn into "Vacation" or "Paycation"? Hmm...LOL

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