Monday, March 01, 2010

March: Countdown to Springtime!

I am so over "old man Winter".

Meanie! :-(

I'm tired of looking at snow. Snow on the ground. Snow in the treetops. Snow on buildings. Fresh snow. Dirty snow. Ice! I'm sick of it ALL.

I'm a September baby (100% Virgo. Oh yeah!), so I am not a fan of this cold weather crap.

Spring officially begins on March 20th.


I can't wait. I really enjoy dining outdoors, long walks and not warming the car up.

Bring on Spring! :-) I'm ready.


shelley said...

You are sooo sweet! Loving your comments on the DC Ladies! I'm right there with you sista I can't wait until spring, we have had a brutal winter! Hope you have a great day!
Shelley :)

{Ms. P} said...

True, indeed!

:-) No problem, blogger babe!

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