Monday, September 27, 2010

Rave Review: Bake Shoppe Cookie Dough Miniatures

The Perfect Bite Size Morsels for Your Chocolate Fix!


Source: Vending Market Watch
This beats walking around with a tube of raw cookie dough. I guess...if you wanna be classy and all.

I'm curious (and anxious...and hungry!) to know what additional flavors they have in store for me -- I mean us. I'm gonna keep an eye out for updates.

They're really good served ice cold (pop em in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes or even semi-melted (I forgot them in the car once, but didn't regret it.)

So if you're a fan of milk chocolate AND cookie dough AND chocolate chips, you're in luck. This is, indeed, the TV/DVR/Netflix snack for you.

Just in case you're concerned with nutrition information, here it is:


*FTC Disclaimer: Samples were provided by The Bender Hammerling Group Public Relations (Upper Montclair, NJ). No monetary compensation was received.


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