Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rave Review: Cirque du Soleil-OvO

Think: A Bug's Life - meets Dr. Seuss - meets Alice in Wonderland. 
Source: Cirque du Soleil (DVD cover)
So. After reading many so rave reviews, I finally made my way to see it.

Believe the hype! There's NO 'bad' seat in the house. We were seated in section 103/row G, just 7 rows away from the stage. There was soooo much going on allover the stage and in the aisles. What a colorful performance! I felt like a kid again. The "ooohs!" The "aaahs!" The excitement of if all. The choreography was amazing, the set design/stage dècor was grand. The audience participation was hilarious. The cast blended well together. The lighting. The music. The timing. The special effects. The...everything! I almost forgot I was in a tent. It was money WELL spent.

Overall, I give it ***** (five stars)! It was, indeed, an AWEsome show! REALLY wish I could've taken pictures, but it was just great to be there. "Ovo" is portuguese for "egg"...and that's all the "spoiler" you're gonna get outta me!

This was my first, but not last, Cirque du Soleil show. I'll be back, for sure. I cannot wait!

My souvenier:

Attention DC folks: Show ends Sunday, October 24th at National Harbor's Plateau. Tickets are selling like hot cakes! Click here to get!

FYI/BTW: Many of the National Harbor restaurants, retail stores and hotels are offering specials (some freebies and cool discounts) for OvO patrons. Click here to see what's up!


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