Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recap: Taste of Georgetown

ME: Ex-cited...holding tasting tickets
Last Saturday, "Hunny Bunny" and I attended the 17th Annual Taste of Georgetown. The weather was WONDERFUL (I should've worn a sun dress or shorts. My tattered jeans did NOT do me justice)

At least I LOOKED cool...See?

My shirt: Happy Birthday, John Lennon! *air guitar* Rest in Peace, Sir..
I really wish this was a monthly or at least semi-annual event. It made for a REALLY good meal and I was full for the rest of the day. (That never happens.)

Wine & Spirits tickets: Too bad we didn't get to use them :-(
Two out of four of the Wine & Sprit Pavilian booths sold out pretty fast, which sucked. We opted for bottled water instead. Not quite the "spirit" we were hoping for, but at 80+ degrees, it was all the "spirit" we needed. We were thirsty.

Here's some of what I sampled:
Someone was nice enough to GIVE me their extra tasting ticket. Apparently, she couldn't eat another bite. Lucky for US, I could and accepted it graciously. I was all smiles, as if I wasn't already filled-to-the-brim with paella and such.

I don't have many pics, because I was too busy eating and fighting NOT to lose my good spot in line. I guess its safe to say "you had to be there" to get the full effect.

I'm there bright and early next year. Our 12:30 arrival was no match for the gazillion people that beat us there. They had a plan.


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