Friday, October 15, 2010

Recap: AIDS Walk Washington 2010

(NOT sure why this didn't post on 10/09,!)

As you know, I participated in last week's AIDS Walk Washington. I've been collecting donations for several years and was super duper excited to actually participate in the walk. The crowd was hype, the music was cranked and the weather was BEYOND perfect. It was a great day to be outdoors.

My t-shirt.
 I'm in love with these bracelets and wear them every chance I get.
My "magic" bracelets.
Despite the fact that I wasn't able to compare bracelets with Wonder Woman, it was really nice. I made friends with another walker and we ran our mouths the whole time (turns out we have a lot in common and even discussed participating in other charity walks together).

A good time was had by all -- including the 4-legged supporters :-)

I was glad to take Metro, because there were so many other events going on. I decided to wear a "ONE NATION Working Together" sticker in support of their rally/march efforts only a few blocks away.

Of course, there were many sights to see (be glad I didn't post pics) and smells to avoid (ugh!).

Homeward bound: my tired feets.
I've already committed to participating in 2011. Care to join me?


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