Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recap: Buick-Regal Discovery Tour

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On Sunday, September 26th I attended DC's last leg of the 10-city Buick-Regal Discovery Tour. The event was held at The Westin Alexandria (Alexandria, VA) and sponsored by Food & Wine, Travel+Leisure and Buick. A good time was had by all.

After registration, we were split into several small groups (I was in Group A) and immediately swept away...to test drive the 2011 Buick Regal! This was the first of four Modules. Oh boy! What a good ride. Even the standard packages are pretty "souped up". If I wasn't already in love with my current vehicle, I'd be itching to trade it in.

After that, we headed to Module #2: Mixology with Michael Green, where we learned to make Ginger (Gin) Sour Cocktail. Since I'm not a fan of Gin, I opted out of that particular mix. It was really good and something quick and easy to make at home.

Module #3: Travel with one half of RoadFood.com's Michael Stern. I swear, this man can tell you where to go for the best food and best bargains for your buck. He had me at "hello". He can suggest anything from the best lobster to the very best chili fries.

Module #4: Artisan with Steven Lynch, founder of Virginia's Montebello Kitchens. We sampled the West African Peanut Soup, which was really good and not at all what I expected. Its a nice, hearty all-year-round soup and didn't taste too bad at room temperature.

The grand finale was the Chef Presentation with Greek Chef Michael Psilakis. That was my first time even thinking about tasting Greek cuisine, but certainly won't be my last. Everything was sooooo good. Very well-seasoned, like soul or Indian food.

I've never attended an event quite like this. I hope to be invited to many more (thanks, Thrillist!) It was, indeed, the unique culinary-travel experience it promised. Here are a few pics.


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